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Link ECU XS Expansion Loom (XSL)

Sale price€55.35

Please Note: VAT is included in above price.

All Link ECU sales through Drift Games include VAT in the product price quoted above.

Want to add additional inputs/output to your Link Plugin ECU? Use the XS Loom.

The Link XS Loom plugs into the expansion connector on all Link G4, G4+ and G4X plug-in ECUs. The number of extra inputs and outputs added by the XS Loom is dependent on the Plugin ECU.

  • For specific details check the plug-in ECUs specifications.
  • Common applications include but are not limited to:
  • Boost adjustment knob or switch
  • Wide-band AFR/Lambda
  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Inlet Air Temperature (IAT) sensor
  • Map switch (Different tunes available via toggle switch)
  • The XS Loom is 2.5m long and uses 20AWG wire.
Link ECU XS Expansion Loom (XSL)
Link ECU XS Expansion Loom (XSL) Sale price€55.35