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Link ECU Wideband O2 sensor (LSU49)

Sale price€153.75

Please Note: VAT is included in above price.

All Link ECU sales through Drift Games include VAT in the product price quoted above.

This sensor can be used with all wide band controllers and ECU’s that support LSU 4.9 sensors. This includes:
Link G4+/G4X Fury and G4+Thunder ECU’s – These have on-board LSU4.9 wide-band control. 
Link CAN-Lambda Controller – These are sold new with a sensor, so this sensor by itself is only required if you need a replacement.
Application: lambda 0.65 to ∞
Exhaust gas temperature: 930°C (1,030 for a short time)
Hexagon temperature: 600°C
Thread: M18x1.5
Weight: 120 g
Includes plug and pin kit 

Link ECU Wideband O2 sensor (LSU49)
Link ECU Wideband O2 sensor (LSU49) Sale price€153.75