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Link ECU Tuning Cable (CUSB)

Sale price€66.42

Please Note: VAT is included in above price.

All Link ECU sales through Drift Games include VAT in the product price quoted above.

Link CAN to USB Tuning Cable. Used to connect the ECU to a computer via USB. A CAN to Serial cable is also available. 

Compatible with:

Link G4X Storm 
Link G4X and G4+ Fury 
Link G4X and G4+ Xtreme
Link G4+ Thunder 
All Link G4+ and G4X Plugin ECUs
Link G4+ Storm Black/Blue/Silver 
Any older Link ECU utilising the Link 6 Pin CAN connector
Vipec V88 and i44
Link G3

Link ECU Tuning Cable (CUSB)
Link ECU Tuning Cable (CUSB) Sale price€66.42