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Mazda Plug-In ECUs

Mazda Plug-In ECUs

Link ECU • Now Available At Drift Games

Here at Drift Games, we're delighted to now be an official re-seller and distributor of the full range of Link ECU products. Check out our current selection of products below, with more from the full range of Link ECU products being added regularly.

Don't see a Link ECU product you need? Contact us below and we can source it for you.

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Link ECU RX7Link (S6) - RX7S6X
Link ECU RX7Link (S6) - RX7S6X Sale price€1,537.50
Link ECU RX7Link (S7) - RX7S7X
Link ECU RX7Link (S7) - RX7S7X Sale price€1,537.50
Link ECU MX5Link - MX5NAX
Link ECU MX5Link - MX5NAX Sale price€1,346.85
Link ECU MX5Link - MX5NB2X
Link ECU MX5Link - MX5NB2X Sale price€1,537.50
Link ECU MX5Link - MX5NB1X
Link ECU MX5Link - MX5NB1X Sale price€1,537.50