Drift Games Drive – June 28th – Driver Entry

Product image 1Drift Games Drive – June 28th – Driver Entry
Product image 2Drift Games Drive – June 28th – Driver Entry
Product image 3Drift Games Drive – June 28th – Driver Entry
Product image 4Drift Games Drive – June 28th – Driver Entry
Product image 5Drift Games Drive – June 28th – Driver Entry
Product image 6Drift Games Drive – June 28th – Driver Entry

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Welcome to Drift Games Drive – Drift Games' drift practice days in Mondello Park, featuring custom track layouts, insane track time and plenty more, run by Drift Games in association with Club Loose Ireland.

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Purchasing this driver entry ticket entitles the person named as the driver to a driver entry ticket for Drift Games Drive on Friday, June 28th on the Mondello Park National circuit. By purchasing this driver entry pass, a place to drive at the event will be secured. 

When purchasing this pass, you must provide the name of the driver who will be driving at the event. If purchasing multiple passes (i.e. for you and friends) you must provide the names of all drivers taking part.

You CANNOT purchase multiple passes with the intention of selling them on. Doing so will result in your pass being cancelled without refund.

Lastly, please ensure both the driver and the car being driven abide by the below rules which must be met in order to drive at this event. Failure to do so will result in the named driver not being allowed on track, with no chance of refund.

Class Choices:

At Drift Games Drive, drivers will be split into 2 classes – Hero and Pro. The Hero class will cater for those driving their own streetcars or un-caged drift cars, whereas the Pro class will cater to dedicated pro-spec drift cars. You will receive a sticker for your allocated class at briefing on the morning of the event.

Double Driving:

It is possible for 2 persons to drive the same car. The cost of double driving is an additional €75.00, which is payable at sign-on at the event only. Both drivers may only drive the one car they have entered, not separate cars. Both drivers must also adhere to all driver regulations outlined below.

Car Regulations:

Any vehicle being used at Drift Games Drive events must have:

  • Tow straps/hooks front and rear;
  • Fixed back or recliner bucket seat;
  • Minimum 4-point harness;
  • No fluid leaks whatsoever;
  • Noise level not to exceed 105db, and;
  • Full body panels on the car at the start of the event.

Any driver wishing to take passengers must ensure their passenger seat is also a fixed back or recliner bucket seat and also has a minimum 4-point harness.

Any driver wishing to be in the Pro class must ensure their car also has a full roll-cage, in addition to the above car regulations.

    Driver Regulations:

    All drivers who intend on driving at the event must:

    • Be 18 years of age or older with a full driving license, or;
    • Be a currently licensed DGN, DGX, IDC, BDC, IADC or DriftCup driver, and;
    • Must wear a full-face helmet at all times when on track, with a fully functional clasp/strap.

      Taking Passengers:

      For just €20.00 for the entire day, any spectator attending a Drift Games Drive event can go out for a passenger spin with a driver, once:

      • They are 18 years of age or older, and;
      • Have purchased a passenger band from Drift Games and have signed on, and they;
      • They wear a full-face helmet at all times when on track, with a fully functional clasp/strap.

      Garage Rentals:

      The Mondello Park pit garages can be rented for select Drift Games Drive events at a cost of €200.00 for a full garage (4 cars) or €100.00 for a half garage (2 cars).


      Note: Drift Games Drive driver entry tickets cannot be refunded and as such, there is a no refund policy. By purchasing a pass for this event, you are agreeing to this policy.

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