The LZ Festival

September 3rd & 4th, 2022 • Mondello Park

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What is the LZ Festival?

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On September 3rd & 4th, 2022, Adam LZ is bringing the biggest names in the automotive world to Ireland for the first ever LZ Festival.

Featuring superstars such as Jimmy Oakes, James Deane, Luke Fink (and plenty more international drivers) the event features head-to-head drift battles, meet & greets, a full on-track entertainment show, the ‘Drift King of Ireland’ competition and 500 of Ireland’s best show cars on display in the paddock. An event of this magnitude has never been hosted in Europe before, so who knows what will happen?! All we know, is that you need to be there!

Meet the online superstars, check out the amazing cars on display and watch fantasy battles take place on track!

Tickets are on sale now and here are the different types available:

- Single Day Entry - €30 each day
- Grandstand - Additional €10 per day.
- Kids - Kids aged 0-7 are €10. Kids aged 8+ are priced at regular ticket prices.
- VIP - €150 for the weekend (access to separate VIP grandstand and 1-on-1 meet & greet with all of our international guests)

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Pleaase Note: Camping is NOT permitted on-site under any circumstances.

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Event Timetable

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022

Spectator gates open from 10.00am.

9.00am - 11.15amDrift King of Ireland Practice
11.30am - 1.30pmLZ Festival Open Meet & Greet on Pit Lane
11.30am - 2.00pmDrift King of Ireland Qualifying
2.00pm - 3.00pmLZ Festival Driver Practice
3.30pm - 5.00pmLZ Festival Open Meet & Greet on Pit Lane
3.00pm - 6.00pmDrift King of Ireland Top 32 Battles
6.30pm - 7.30pmLZ Festival VIP Ticketholder Meet & Greet

Sunday, September 4th, 2022

Spectator gates open from 10.00am.

9.00am - 11.15amLZ Festival Driver Practice
11.30am - 12.30pmLZ Festival Driver Superlap
12.30pm - 2.00pmLunch Break
2.00pm - 2.15pmLZ Festival Top 32 Parade
2.15pm - 5.30pmLZ Festival Top 32 Battles & More

Drift King Of Ireland • Info, Rules & Regulations

The Drift King of Ireland competition will run on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 only, which is the opening day of the 2022 LZ Festival. Only 50 drivers will be accepted in total. Applications will be accessed on driving ability, car aesthetics (this is a show after all) and previous driving achievements. All drivers and their cars MUST also meet the specifications required to compete in the competition, which can be found listed below. We expect large numbers of entries, so please do not make any plans until receiving confirmation. If you wish to apply to drive in the competition, please click here to go to the entry form.

I've Entered For The Drift King of Ireland Competition or the Car Show. Should I Buy Tickets Now?

As we have NOT yet made a decision on your car for either the Drift King of Ireland competition or the Car Show, we just wanted to clear up a question we’ve been asked a lot regarding buying tickets while you wait for a decision on your entry.

General Admission Tickets:

Entry tickets for the LZ Festival are limited and as such, if you did want to 100% guarantee your entry to the event, you should purchase a ticket for the event at the earliest possible time. Unfortunately, if your entry to the show is accepted after buying a ticket, it is not possible for Mondello Park to refund these tickets, however you can pass a purchased general admission ticket to someone else to use to enter the show.

Alternatively, you can choose to wait until such a time that you know if you have been accepted or not, but we cannot guarantee an exact timeframe when we will have reviewed all entries due to the sheer volume of entries so far, so we cannot guarantee that tickets will be left at that point.

Grandstand Tickets:

Many of you will want to secure a grandstand ticket for one or both days of the event, regardless of if you have been accepted or not, as grandstand seats are NOT included in an accepted car entry ticket. However, it will NOT possible to only purchase a grandstand seat from the Mondello Park website when tickets are available - A grandstand seat can only be purchased if a general admission ticket is purchased at the same time. As such, if you want to secure a grandstand seat whilst awaiting a response to your application, your options are as follows:

1 - Purchase a general admission ticket for one or both days in order to purchase a grandstand seat for one or both days, knowing a refund is not possible for the general admission tickets.

2 - If you know you will be coming with at least 1 other person, you can purchase 1 general admission ticket and multiple grandstand tickets, i.e. you can buy a general admission ticket for a passenger/friend and grandstand seat(s) for both of you.

We’re sorry for any slight inconvenience here, but we wanted to ensure we inform you of this as early as possible so that you can act accordingly.

Thanks again for submitting an entry for the LZ Festival. We’ll do our all to get back to you ASAP with regards to the status of your entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Drift Games Bash? Chances are we might have answered it already, so check out our full list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) down below. Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us.

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